Access to PEAC cohort samples and data


Access to the PEAC cohort samples and data, will be strictly regulated by the PEAC Steering Committee together with the PEAC Scientific Advisory Board. Restricted access to the PEAC Biomedical Resource is critical in order to ensure that fundamental scientific questions can be addressed in the short and long term future avoiding early depletion of rare sample material (principally synovial tissue).

Thus, access to PEAC samples and PEAC data will be via independent applications and, will be evaluated jointly by the Steering Committee and the Scientific Advisory Board at 6 monthly intervals. Selection mechanisms will include:

  1. science quality
  2. relevance to advancing patients well being
  3. clear and achievable objectives
  4. high impact on health economics or solving societal problems.

The Steering Committee and the Scientific Advisory Board will also manage the use of PEAC resources over time in order to ensure that the overall aims of PEAC Biomedical resource are tangibly achieved. Different procedures for requests that involve access to data alone without requiring sample assays will be established. Likewise, requests for replaceable samples (e.g. DNA, which can be amplified and replenished) vs non-replaceable samples (e.g. synovial tissue & fluid).