PEAC Project Coordination


The PEAC Initiative is coordinated by Professor Costantino Pitzalis with the support of the members of the PEAC consortium, the PEAC Steering Committee and the PEAC Scientific Advisory Board.

PEAC Project Administration

In order to ensure effective and efficient administration of the PEAC project, the following administrative infrastructure has been installed:

  • Project Management: A dedicated Project manager, Dr Tahereh Kamalati has been appointed to ensure optimal coordination and administration of this programme together with timely and high quality data collection and analysis.

  • Technical Assistance: A highly experience and able Research Assistant, Miss Rebecca Hands has been appointed to ensure efficient processing, storing and high fidelity archiving of PEAC biological samples.

  • Data Management: A website has been created to act as a central repository for all the PEAC project samples and their related data. Samples submission to the database is via an encrypted and password protected link dedicated to each individual centre. This database is designed to provide an online facility to monitor registration, transport and processing of PEAC samples, from the clinic to the microscope. Further, this application allows the clinician at a remote centre, to view histopathology reports and representative micrographs of submitted samples as soon as they are prepared at the central repository. Additionally, a PEAC Website Tutorial Manual has been constructed and disseminated to the participating PEAC centres. This manual details online access to the PEAC Bio-bank and tracking of the samples provided to PEAC.