Inclusion and exclusion

Inclusion Criteria

  1. Adults aged 18 or over
  2. Willing and capable of giving informed consent, and the consent must be obtained prior to any study-specific screening procedures
  3. At least one swollen joint, which is amenable to synovial biopsy
  4. Evidence of active arthritis, shown by 1 or more swollen joint
  5. Patient is judged by the supervising clinician to be a suitable candidate based upon medical history, physical examination, vital signs, and routine laboratory tests
  6. Willing and able to comply with scheduled visits, laboratory tests, and other study procedures

Exclusion Criteria

Participants will be excluded from this study for any of the following reasons:

  1. Patients in whom biopsy is contra-indicated (e.g. taking anti-coagulants), or in whom this is contraindicated at physician’s discretion (e.g. patients with bleeding disorders, or patients with liver disease)
  2. Patients in whom there is no suitable joint for biopsy
  3. Patients with a serious underlying medical disorder (e.g. end stage renal disease)
  4. Poor tolerability of venepuncture or lack of adequate venous access for required blood sampling during the study period
  5. Active infection

PEAC Study