In order to diminish inter-observer variability and ensure uniform and high standard practice, all clinical and laboratory procedures have been optimized and standardized. Towards this, a number of manuals detailing study protocols and inclusion criteria for phenotypic characterisation of the cohort have been formulated. Further, PEAC administrative staff are happy to arrange training for all procedures.

  • PEAC Clinical characterization: A PEAC Clinical Protocol, PEAC Recruitment Protocol, PEAC Follow Up Visit Protocol together with an Ultrasound Manual and Treatment Algorithms have been drawn and are provide to and, used by all the participating PEAC centres.

    Additionally, further ultrasound training at is provided in order to standardise image acquisition techniques and review the OMERACT definitions of ultrasound pathology, including synovitis and erosion.

  • PEAC Data Management: A PEAC Website Tutorial Manual has been constructed and disseminated to all the participating PEAC centres. This manual details online access to the PEAC Bio-bank and tracking of the samples provided to PEAC.

  • PEAC sample collection: PEAC Sampling Kits containing all the materials required for collection, labelling and transport of the PEAC samples to the co-ordinating centre at Barts and The London Hospital, have been generated and supplied to all PEAC participating sites. The PEAC Sampling Kit is supported by the PEAC Sampling Manual, which contains specific details for sample collection, packaging and transport. In this context, a PEAC dedicated courier service has been contracted from DHL in order to ensure safe and efficient transport of PEAC samples.